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In this exciting new podcast, Thor Olafsson, the founder and CEO of the Strategic Leadership Group of companies interviews a diverse range of inspiring individuals on the topic how to lead beyond your ego. These range from corporate executives, experienced coaches, meditation experts, yoga teachers and people who have been on this journey.

Expect to learn about topics like the mind, consciousness, sustainable and purpose driven strategies, ego patterns, servant leadership, meditation, being in flow, peak performance, conscious leadership and many more fascinating topics.

All of this aims to help us lead from beyond our egos.

Thor Olafsson

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Thor Olafsson Talks to Katrijn van Oudheusden about Selfless Leadership

Thor Olafsson Talks to Katrijn van Oudheusden about Selfless Leadership

In Episode 3, Katrijn observes her traditional corporate work was completely focused on the outside world, on becoming a better professional. She notes all that time she was ignoring herself. She was feeling not good enough, not okay. After intensive work with Byron Katie, she reached a point, where for her things changed. When she went back to work, she saw these defective humans, projecting their defectiveness and their limiting beliefs on everybody else at work. It was so obvious.

‘We’ve all been conditioned from the time we’re born into this world to create a constructed ego. It’s not our fault that it happened, it just happened. We need the identity that comes with it, but when we fully and totally identify with it, is where problems are created and you’re saying we can make the step to realise that this construct is a bit of an illusion even though we need it, we can also let go of it and not have it control our lives. We realise that if you relax into it and just allow yourself to be lived, all judgement falls away, all guilt and shame fall away.’’  – Katrijn van Oudheusden

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selfless  leadership
selfless leadership

I think the essence of what I discovered for myself is we don't need to become something. So all this striving to become better, to improve ourselves is so deep in our psyche. It's so fundamental to everything we're doing all day but we don't need it. We can let go of that and that's ultimate freedom. Just be instead of striving to become - that's what I wish for everyone that they find that.

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