What is Beyond Ego all about?

Championing Conscious Leadership

This website exists to help champion the cause of leading beyond ego. In simple terms, we aim to help as many leaders around the world as possible, to identify and move beyond their very own ego patterns. We welcome you to co-create it with us by becoming involved.

We believe that when leaders operate beyond their ego, they are better leaders. Better for the people who follow them AND the world we live in. Ego-free leaders create purpose driven and highly functional teams, that operate beyond the fear that ego-based leadership creates.

These teams feel psychologically safe to speak up and fully engage. Ego free leaders create organizations that are inspired by a meaningful vision, guided by higher values and collaborate on truly sustainable strategies.

Conscious Leadership Resources

You can now browse through curated articles, videos, books, blogs, papers and podcasts, all located in one place. Here you will learn how ego can both work with and against you, as well as how you can become a more conscious leader.


Discover Leading Beyond Ego

Our shiny new podcast hosted by Thor Olafsson, talks to top-notch leaders, managers and gurus who are passionate about leading beyond their ego...


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Once walked, the path of the Inner Compass leaves everyone transformed

Leaders today understand that too much ego can be destructive, but many lack the knowledge or awareness to identify ego patterns and move beyond them. In this book Thor Olafsson offers an experiential path towards the reader‘s own inner compass. This tool can literally transform the way they manage and lead people.

The author helps the reader solve the conflict that exists between subconscious ego-driven defence mechanisms and the inner self‘s higher purpose. Starting with self-awareness the Inner Compass path then continuously expands to include the impact on both teams and entire organisations.

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Thor thoughtfully unravels the significance of empowering leadership when we put our ego to the side, unlocking purpose and potential which cultivates the contributions of others
Ian Smith
Former CEO of BMW Financial Services in USA & The Americas