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We see the development of more conscious leadership as our way of giving back to the world

Beyondego.com exists in order to help those in the corporate world to get to the core of who they are. Beyond the stories we have been telling ourselves about who we are; beyond our ego patterns.

In this way we become more conscious leaders, for the benefit of people, planet and performance - in that order.

This project is not-for-profit, any revenue generated will be invested back into the community, adding more resources, reach and opportunities.

Beyond Ego is a collaborative effort where people and organisations can get involved and contribute. It is owned and operated by the Strategic Leadership Group!


Thor Olafsson talks about the new Beyond Ego website and how leaders from around the world can use this resource to lead more consciously, from beyond their egos!


The team behind beyondego.com is:


Founder, content creator & editor in chief

Kate Tuck

Marketing guru, content producer & chief IT magician

Chris Atkinson

Creative genius & chief online course creator

Angelina Widholm

Chief researcher & master coordinator